Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Horror Story

My Horror Story

“BANG” My hair stood on end, a shiver raced down my
spine and a lump came to my throat. My hand was shaking, shaking so hard it felt like a mini earthquake in my hand, I opened my creaky wooden door and looked out. “Hello,” I said as I popped my head out of the door there was no reply only the sound of my echo traveling down the hallway like a swirling twisting tornado. I felt like I was in a movie. Slam!!! .I jumped back in fright, wondering what it is, "should I go look" I said to myself a million times I decided to go look I run and grabbed a torch which I saw in the corner of my eye. I slipped on my slippers and slowly made my way to the staircase I look down and.

To be Continued

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Passion Project

                          Passion Project
I am doing a Passion Project with Zalia.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Girls Tech Challenge

In Kahikatea all the girls got given the offer to do a
Girls Tech challenge.
Only 26 girls chose to do it out of 32 girls.
Mr. A said to get into groups of 3-5
and figure out a group name.
I am in a group with Eva, Aimee, Emily & Daina and we
are called EEDAA Tech.
I decided to the girl's tech challenge because
I wanted to learn how to code better.
Our mentor's name is Jordan and we video
call her every Tuesday at 12:00- 12:30.

For our app, we are going to do a bullying app. Our group has decided to do that because we think it will get the furtherest in the competition.
My role in the girl's tech challenge is the project manager.
That is where I have to read all emails I get and read
through the docs that we get
sent. I have to help the team and say what needs to be
done and if we are staying
on task and lots more.
One Wednesday 16th of May we had one of another
team's mentors, Pauline
come to talk with us about coding. We had to answer
a lot of questions.
Here is some of the questions. What are you passionate about?
I want to own my
mum's cafe with Aimee when I'm older. I want to live in
New Zealand, I am
passionate about Netball, cooking, dancing and more.
Here is a photo of what we did.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

I finished my wall worthy project

          I finished my wall worthy project 

I have Finally finished my wall worthy project the wall worthy competition is this competition where you have to paint a pitcher that represents : ever kaitiakitanga, nature\conversion message , Local iwi or Maori cutler. 
I was in a group, it was Zaila and I.
 Chose a nature\conversion message as our repetition of our painting of our painting. you got to pick a art style for your painting, we chose Impressionism but the other styles are pop art cubism or a negotiated art style. we picked impressionist as our art style because we thought it looked kinda cool with all the blended colors and looked kinda fuzzy which was really cool. you also had to make message that goes with your painting our message was "if people keep hunting \killing animals there will be none in the future"  wed thought  we  pick that as our message because it is showing that you should not kill anymore animals because some might be very rare or even could become extinct which would be sad :(
any wy we hope you liked  our project script and here is a photo of our wall worthy painting ?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Carnival Craft

This is my carnival craft 

Tuhono carnival craft
carnival craft 2017

I picked the colours for Minnie Mouse  because they are the original colours of Minnie Mouse.

I picked the background colours because I wanted to be different to everyone because a lot of them were doing black, white and no colours. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

where i am up to in my W.I.T

                 Where I am up to In W.I.T


My group is made of four people, their names are Aimee, Zalia and Daina and myself. We were inspired by Ellie, Sarah and Nikyla from kahikatea  for doing a  clean up at Ngamotu beach we decided that we would do a beach clean up as well to stop pollution. I think this is the perfect W.I.T for me because I love fish and I feel sad that they are dying in our rubbish which should be going in to public rubbish bins or rubbish bags. On Monday the 27th of November 2017 my mums is tacking us. Aimee is going to pervade sunblock.
Zalia will pervade bags. I am pervading gloves and daina is pervading bug spray and some special sunblock for her and Zalia. yesterday we had to call the district council to see if there were anything on that zalia had to say a little mini speech to them it was scary but this is all I have to say for the moment so see you next time bye.